Sunday, May 28, 2006

Midnight Marimba: Santa Cruz Fiesta, Suchiapa

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My compadres Gil and Candelaria live in Suchiapa, one of my favorite places in all of Mexico. Why? Because it's a very friendly place and it has lots of very colorful and heartfelt fiestas. We've gone down for the Santa Cruz fiesta before, but this year Gil asked if we could come down and stay over on April 29th. That's when the rompamiento of the fiesta is and they start with a midnight marimba party, which this year occured in the street in front of my compadre's house. We had been working hard to finish up a publishing project and we worked until about 8:30 Saturday night. We arrived in Suchiapa around 10:45. The street was blocked off a couple of blocks from Gil's house. I told the cop that they had to let us through "Because my compadre lives there and he's waiting for us". The cop waved us on through. This clip shows the crowd in the street dancing to the marimba music at about midnight. You'll fisrt see my compadres Gil and Candelaria, then my wife Rocio dancing with our daughter Angie, then my friends Steve and June who are here on an extended visit, then I dance with Angie . More clips to come. Enjoy


Anonymous kevin Buckstiegel said...

awww that looks like so much fun! the music is great too... felt like i was there! love the videos, makes me feel like a expat in Mexico!

3:23 PM CDT  
Blogger Dennis said...

Nice! I've been waiting for another video from you. It's always nice to see Mexico through another gringo's eyes/lense.

9:05 AM CDT  
Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Thanks Kevin and Dennis,

There's more to come about the Santa Cruz fiesta and also Semana Santa. I've been super busy for a long while but I should have time in the next week to get some of these vlogs online.


10:00 AM CDT  

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