Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day

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This is a video of our Father's Day trip to El Chiflon waterfalls in Chiapas, near Comitan. We spent the day swimming (actually trying to not get knocked over by the current), picnicking and hiking up to the larger falls above the swimming area. We saw lots of lizards, butterflies and even a small bird that had fallen from it's nest. The falls are spectacular. We went up to the last lookout, just below the falls, although I had to leave my camera with someone below because the spray from the falls would have ruined it. At the last lookout you are just below the falls on a smal rock outcrop. The spray from the waterfalls comes up at you from below. The wind from the falls was strong (this is the highest I've seen the water level there) and standing on top of this rock below the falls with the sun directly above we had a rainbow below us in a perfect 360 circle. Next time I'm bringing a protective cover for my camera so I can film that. It was a great Father's day.


Blogger Dennis said...

Jack! Glad you're back to vlogging. Nice video. Looks like a nice place.

8:54 AM CDT  
Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Thanks Dennis,

Yeah, it's a great place. We went back the next weekend and stayed at one of the cabanas. Had a great time even though it rained most of the weekend. We saw some animals (mapaches?) and a few birds including a bright orange Altamira Oriole.

12:37 PM CDT  
Anonymous ibnukasim said...

hi..just wanna say;
WOW...amazing place with beautiful waterfall...i like it...this video is nice to

7:49 AM CST  
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