Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cafe Tacuba

Click here to see the video

We pretty much did our vacation on the cheap: we took the overnight bus to Mexico City, stayed in a fairly cheap hotel and ate mostly in economical places.

I wanted to take the family to one special place to eat, so we went to Cafe Tacuba, a very nice, very pretty restaurant on Tacuba a few blocks west of the zocalo. There was an estudiantina playing there the day we went. Estudiantinas are string bands, with guitars, bass, mandolins and only a tamborine for rhythym and they are a Spanish tradition. They would pay their way through university by playing music. In this clip they are playing a very romantic Mexican song called "Besame Mucho" (Kiss Me a Lot). That's my family at the table (in order of appearance, my daughters Angie and Helena and my wife Rocio. Note the colonial architecture and the colonial style paintings. Oh yeah, the food is great too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This brought back memories as I've been to Cafe Tacuba twice and indeed, they sang Besame Mucho to our table too....*sigh*

6:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Dennis said...

Here's my video of Cafe Tacuba. Funny thing is I also got "Besame mucho" in there. Must be a restaurant staple.

8:14 AM CST  

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