Sunday, August 07, 2005


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UNAM is the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. It's the oldest university in the Americas (founded 1551) and the largest in Latin America (290,000 students if you include all of it's campuses). The main campus is the Ciudad Universitaria (University City) which is in the southern part of Mexico City, and it is enormous. It was built in the 1950's and has some spectacular buildings.

My daughter Helena wants to go there, so as part of our trip we visited the campus. The first building you see is the ten story high central library. It's covered in a mural designed by Juan O'Gorman. The other large building with huge sculptures is the administration building. The long sculpture that you see attached to the administration building (the one in the thumbnail) is by David Siquieros. There are also shots of the sculpture garden in front of the MUCA (Museo de Ciencias y Artes).


Anonymous Davo said...

I love " LA UNAM".

1:59 AM CDT  
Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Thanks Davo. I've got two more videos to upload from our trip. One about Xochimilco and a quicky shot from the Torre Latinoamericano. Stay tuned...

5:02 PM CDT  
Blogger Dennis said...

Hey...I love to see your vids of Mexico City. I live in Northern Mexico City. We should have a "Mexico vloggers" meet up someday. I, too, am a gringo living in Mexico.

12:28 AM CDT  
Blogger Jack Nelson said...

Hey Dennis,

Are you the Mexican Movies guy? I was going to try to contact you when I was in DF, but we didn't have much time. Maybe we should plan a vlogercue (or should it be vlogercoa). Do you know of any other vlogers in Mexico? Any Mexican ones?


11:17 AM CDT  
Blogger Dennis said...

Hey Jack,
Nope. I don't know of anyone else who is vlogging in Mexico. I'm trying to figure out a way to include it in my classes (I'm a prof at a seminary). Vlogercoa would be cool. Be sure to let me know if you're gonna be in the DF anytime soon. I don't see it on my calendar to be in Chiapas, although I'd love to visit there someday. Let's keep in touch.

4:57 PM CDT  
Anonymous Aline said...


I just found your blog and went through some of the videos about Mexico City you've posted. I never thought I'd be able to look at my city through a foreigners eyes. You made me think about all the things I just take for granted when I walking down the street. It's just nice to see someone alse's point of view, for we mexicans often forget what we have.

Olvidamos lo que tenemos, pues estamos concentrados en detestar al sistema y vivir a una velocidad impresionante; a veces es triste.

I watched your UNAM videos. I actually study English Literature in the Facultad de FilosofĂ­a y Letras and I just couldn't help but smile.

See you around someday.
Mucho gusto...

2:08 AM CST  

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